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The Dawn of Motherhood



We´d like to invite you to join this new cycle of The Dawn of Motherhood. You are welcome whether you are pregnant, or already have babies, children, teenagers, or adults of any age. These online sessions of The Dawn of Motherhood will accompany you in awakening the Inner Mother you wished you´d had when you were a child.



Motherhood is an art that our ancestors couldn't pass on to us.

Faced with cultural limitations, which were and still are imposed on women, they left us unable to transmit and support our own children in establishing their ability to truly embody and form healthy bonds.

The unconditional love expected from a mother begins with self-esteem - our ability to love ourselves, forgive ourselves, value ourselves, and feel our freedom. With this internal foundation we can transmit unconditional love to our children without creating co-dependent relationships in which we fear rejection, and in which we enter spaces of submission or rebellion.

One of the greatest gifts a mother can offer her children is to be rooted in her body and in the earth - to feel her belonging, security, and confidence, and to enjoy her essence. This embodiment on earth, felt with self-love, creativity and freedom, brings forth our children´s sense of inner self-worth.
This new cycle of The Dawn of Motherhood will lead us to recognize the inherited shadows and the inevitable recreation that we pass on to our children generationally.
We will absorb and remember keys and skills that will allow the new generations to learn to surf this inherited conditioning - and “break the chain”. We will move from fear, duty, and effort - to an adventure where you can experience a healthy, intimate and free bond – and feel love and connection with your children from a new place, from the authenticity of the Mother you truly are.

In The Dawn of Motherhood we will offer a series of five encounters in an intimate close group setting, to enable you to develop a healthy, free, and strong bond with your children.

We will explore how to communicate openly with them about topics that may have been taboo or unconscious in your childhood. And we will learn how to support them in their current experience in today´s world – in a way that frees us from any restrictive beliefs and conditioning that we might have inherited.

All meetings will  be via Zoom :
Elisabeth Serra is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.
Topic: dawn of motherhood 
Time: Oct 16, 2023 08:00 PM Madrid
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Meeting ID: 894 3299 4326
Passcode: 602896
Dates 2024:
15th January
22th January 
29th January 
5th February


From 19:00 to 20:00h. UK time

Contribution -
35£ per session.
175£ for the whole course

To register for The Dawn of Motherhood, or if you have any questions, please contact us on :

Phone: +34662 35 30 50 or +44 7969834074
You can also join us on the Dawn of Motherhood whatsapp chat, by clicking on the link below. https://chat.whatsapp.com/BJml2ULTCmkB5X4fQpEyYy