Authentic Feminine Ecstasy Podcast

Welcome to the Authentic Feminine Ecstasy Podcast, a place where we explore the possibility of reclaiming our innate inner freedom

Do you feel like you have walked a lot of mileage on self awareness, but you are still not feeling the way you know you could? Are you tired of filling the gap and never succeeding? Welcome dear one, we are so happy you are here. Join us and dive deep into the river of wisdom. Begin to bridge the wild untamable feminine nature into today’s modern society.
Deeply soft, evocative and authentic, this podcast is a sacred space where we open up conversations that keep expanding
us into the intimate freedom we are.

Wild, deeply soft, and untameable are all ways we can begin to describe the deep feminine nature we all hold within us. Host Elisabeth Serra has been creating spaces for women and men to embody this deep nature, and bridge the disconnection between the material and the spiritual.

So that we can once again experience the sacred union of embodied consciousness. Dive deep into the river of wisdom and begin your own journey of self expansion into the intimate freedom that you already are.

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Thank you for supporting my new podcast journey. I invite you to sit at my table and feel this exchange that inspires us both. I inspire you, but you inspire me to bring you the gold from the river of wisdom that is available to all of us.


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