Never before there has been such an opportunity to walk through the stereotypes of masculinity.

Strongman does not mean hardness and the inevitable brittleness that goes with it, but in the silent walking into the truth of his own knowing heart.

Freedom is in every choice you make that’s life giving and connected to all you love.

Reinventing yourself along the journey in your own unique pulse that is vibrating within you.

The new rising man deserves to claim back all his feelings and put his sword and shield down to serve his true nature.

Dear Men

You will know life, my brother,
after knowing the abyss.

You will know love
After dancing in your sweat and blood

And when you come to hug, ecstatically,
the darkness and the light in you.

So, my dearest climber,
the breath of life will reside in you
like a mother holding her newborn in her arms.

And you will be free.

Your look, already so tired after so many lives,
it will roam free with freshness like butterflies in spring.

Your heart, so drunk after so many goodbyes,
will break in a sea of ​​tears of light.

And then your wild in you – the sweetest of all –
will give birth to alchemy,
and you will hear again the cries of ecstasy, as lovers do.

Then take the forbidden path, beloved brother, untangle it in tears and anger.

And kiss by kiss, you will live when others have long since died.


Dear man,

I would love to accompany your heart on its way back to feeling with confidence.
Let passion flow free and true through your veins, until you come to know, once again, your first and truest reflection.
And as if by magic, you reconnect with your King, Lover, Warrior and Seer; approaching them again in service to life and to all that you love.

Intimacy and freedom are yours to walk and prosper.
It is time to let go of those old fears that came to live in your head and that daily stop you from being the greatness that you already are.
And let them finally find their rest.

We are cosmic frequencies, it takes knowing the archetypal nature of the elements, to embody and ground who we really are into our life experiences


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Courses and experiences for Men

Embodying love, The Power of Intimacy

Virtual group. The essence of this proposal is to embody and be the love that we already are; and open up and heal our relationships.

Intimate freedom

Three-level course composed of Romance in the Dark for Reshaping your Relationships, Embodiyng the Love and The Erotyc Relationship