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Intimate Freedom



Couples Online (course 2023/2024). ¡See dates below!
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The Dance of Our Times, dancing in the dark

We want to invite you to participate in a group for couples who are interested in an intimate relationship as a way to awakening to all of who we are.

Introducing a new vision of intimate relationships beyond romance and personal growth.

There is no situation more challenging than the intimate relationship. We fall in love and imagine that the other person is going to complete us. It doesn't take long to understand that it's not going to be like that. We feel disappointed. That person we loved so much has failed us. We blame others, we blame ourselves...

I would like to offer you a sense on the recognition of the different gifts that men and women bring, and the dangers of not recognizing these gifts, and the magic of intimacy that arises spontaneously when we do.

Love is an easy word. But if you´re not in your power, and I am not in mine, then it cannot arise between us. So love is not lovey-dovey.

Love must be preceded by power. What is power? Power comes through vulnerability, through repeated and consistent vulnerability. Through the willingness to be naked, to risk all, to stand and be blown away by the winds of life and death, we enter humility, and equality, and simplicity - and love.

When Woman reveals her internalised sense of inferiority before Man, and her wounded sense of superiority, her bitterness and brokenness, her immature rage, and her mature rage, and when Man recognises and reveals his conditioned sense of superiority in relation to Woman, and his guilty sense of inferiority, his inherited abuser, and his shame, and both know that they are none of this, that these are the clothes that have been passed down to us, but that we are not our clothes – then, and only then, can we meet in undomesticated, authentic love.

We cannot deny the clothes we wear. We do not walk naked. We carry our conditionings, and we blame each other, and we act them out. To deny, or transcend, leaves our couples and communities in a state of brittle, superficial intimacy. Real love requires real guts. And the world is crying out for real community based on real love. This is where personal development and social change merge and hit the road running – together.

Nature is wild. The night sky is wild. We are wild. We belong to it all. We have been sold a shabby conditioning – mental and emotional clothing that suffocates us, and distorts our true Male and Female beauty within us.  Let us meet in the power of our vulnerability, and know the magic of meeting in the naked wildness we truly are.


Reshaping your Relationships:

🌹Details of online ✨Intimate Freedom✨
The alchemical partnership
During October/November we will meet forthrightly, and 3 days in the flesh event, en la Casa del Arte, at the beginning of 2024✨

The intention is to create a self discovery and supportive groups of couples, that can move on a through the archaic models of relationship that we have learned and keep recreating dispight our knowledge, and deep capacity for love and freedom.
Ones the ground and clarity is covered and participants feel in, what I call
✨the creative field✨
The group can continue to co-create without me. My presence can become sporadic and as required.

🌈Come and join us on this Life changing gatherings.

✨Eager to open this door and get the jewels that we know are there beneath the rubble of our historical fears.🌹

Duration per evening :
2 hours.

9th/16th/30th November
7th December

Cost: (All course must be paid in advance unless you have a previous arrangement with me)
£65 per couple per evening. 

75€ per couple, per evening online.

Duration of the course:
Four week cycles

This will include;
Recordings, summaries of the session and various practices and tools, to be enjoyed.


Polarity as a Portal 


To be confirmed.


Living your Pleasure


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