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The Joy of Being Retreat. May 2024

This is part retreat part pilgrimage. Visiting natural beauty and ancient sites of Crete and mainland Greece. It is a pilgrimage to remember ourselves and remember our innate connection.

To reveal something that is already in us- that has got covered over by busyness, achieving, parenting, and demands of ‘everyday life’. This is an opportunity to give a gift to yourself the permission to enjoy and to find a sense of ease, not only for the duration of the trip but for this to come home again with you as a knowing of who you really are. 



About the Journey

For the first three days we will land, with each other and in our bodies, in a beautiful location in the welcoming bosom of Crete. We will gently guide you to let the layers drop away and return to yourself, aided by the soft power of the Cretan nature and delicious food.

Then we will begin excursions to carefully chosen magical spots on the island.

Places where we have felt in our bodies a sense of power and communion- that we wish to share and support you to experience.

Our journey will then take us to mainland Greece where we will visit the famous Delphi and reach the climax of our trip at a very special lesser known site, then completing in Athens at the Acropolis.

This promises to be a much richer and more joyful experience of these sites than visiting on your own or as a regular tourist.

 Who This Retreat Is For

People of all ages, genders and walks of life who are feeling the call to step into the innate and effortless joy of their being. It is for people who are ready to thrive and claim their birthright of easeful embodied enjoyment of their one precious life.

May 2024. Dates to be confirmed.
Our base in Crete will be a short journey from Chania airport Transfers to Athens and Delphi included Return flights from Athens
We will have a wonderful chef to make us healthy and delicious meals. There will be a few opportunities to eat out in restaurants- this will be at your own expense.
We will be staying in beautiful villas. Most rooms will be shared with one other person. Please get in touch with us if you have a need for a single room (at a supplementary cost), or have any other special needs.