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Untamable Woman – London

We are offering you 5 passionate weekends in London.
A journey back into the essence of you, that you always known and never dare to live

To the woman who lives within you when nobody is watching; to the dancer; to the singer; to the erotic being; to the intuitive woman who sees herself and others in a fountain of abundance.


Yes... all of that, which you know deep within is within reach once you look behind the curtain that is veiling you. We invite you to join us on a passionate weekend’s journey in London.

We will support you to open those rusty doors and dust the precious objects within you; to jump into your fullness of being and laugh like you have never laughed before.
Using the elements within and without ~ Earth, Fire, Water and Air, you will dance yourself awake and discover the power of your five senses while tuning in to your Divine pulse. You will enter the creative power of your heart and drink deep from the guidance you’ve been longing for. In doing so, you will discover your innate, effortless feminine beauty.

This series of transformative weekends is for you if you are ready to embrace your authentic vulnerability and power; ready to welcome the masculine and feminine forces of the universe within, and to rediscover your unique joy of being.

After years of exploring the feminine in women, men and in couples, I’ve come to know with more clarity than ever, that it is in the authentic union of these masculine and feminine forces within us that our true colours shine and relationships transform.

We are moving into a new paradigm, and whether we like it or not, we are being invited to upgrade ourselves to a place of more personal power and receptivity. We have been influenced over millennia by the dominance of one of the universal forces (the masculine), leaving its complementary counterpart (the feminine) in its shadows. The truth is that when divided, one comes to rule over the other. This has created gender limitations, divisions and distortions, leading us to the current stereotypes and inevitable rebellion of our times.
We’ve been subjected to generations of what people call the “war of the sexes”, which has left us bereft of the potent, alchemical, complementary play of these feminine and masculine forces.

We are now invited to shake free of these limitations (that have taught us a great deal) and begin to find their true meaning and shape within us so that we can thrive again, live from our creative power and bring our experience of relating with each other to a whole new level This magical journey back ‘home’ consists of a series of six weekends that will guide you to experience and embody the knowledge that resides within you and will assist you to integrate this into your life.

Each weekend is whole within itself and you can choose to come to as many as you can, although it is recommended to come to them all so that you can enjoy the full experience and maximum benefit.

The Learning ~ What we will cover:

On this journey, we will travel with the four archetypes that are based on the elements within and without: Earth, Fire, Water and Air.

Intimacy with Being: Coming to know the vastness of who we are beyond and through our learned identity. Getting to know emptiness and space as a source of guidance, peace and abundance.

Earth/Mother Archetype: Discriminating the pure archetype from the distorted, inherited archetype. Embodying practices. Getting to know our beliefs and the identities that control our lives. Uncovering, understanding and caring for our ‘core wound’ that obstructs and sabotages our potential. Nurturing and holding all that has not been seen and loved within us. The emergence of the caring adult in our psyche and the practice of ‘self caring’.
Fire/Warrior Archetype: Discriminating this archetype from distorted power. Moving towards a personal and collective meeting of the empowered feminine. Learning how our masculine and feminine powers can assist us in different ways. Making friends with our fire (anger and rage) as a pathway into our divine potency. Learning to place boundaries with heart. Taking our space, expanding and speaking our heart’s truth beyond blame of self/other, beyond persecutor, victim and absence. No apology.

Water/Lover Archetype: Learning the difference between the love needs of the child and the longing for communion of the lover. Reclaiming our receptivity as a doorway to feeling our energy body which will take us into deep intimacy, erotic presence and communion... all feminine gifts. Cleansing our toxic cellular sexual memory. Reclaiming leadership of the heart. Being the queen of the boudoir, within and without. Exploring inner marriage ~ the union of the two forces within.

Air/Shamana Archetype: Reclaiming the moon within; returning to the power of our blood and learning to read our cyclical nature as a way into divine feminine spirituality. Finding our capacity to live in the unknown and a simple and ordinary women’s way of connection with Source and the cosmos within. Conducting energy. Resting in being as a choice. Developing practices that keep us re-choosing a consciousness attuned with the natural world. Receiving and giving guidance through our intimacy with birth/death cycles


• Intimacy with Being: 24th/25th june
• Mother archetype: 9th/10th September
• Warrior archetype: 21st/22nd October
• Lover archetype: 25th/26th November
• Shamana archetype: 27th/28th January 2024

Venue: https://goodhotel.co/london

Untamable woman

Cost: the price per weekend varies according to the number of weekends attended,
£150; 5 Weekends (price per weekend)
£175; 4 Weekends (price per weekend)
£200; 3 Weekends (price per weekend)
£225; 2 Weekends (price per weekend)
£250; 1 Weekend (price per weekend)

You can book your place by giving a Deposit £150. If you decide to join more weekends a proportionate discount will be given.

About your facilitator.
Elisabeth Serra was born and grew up in Barcelona, Spain. As a young woman she spent ten years in India, immersing herself initially in the teachings of Tibetan Buddhism, and then following her own path of self-discovery, encountering a variety of forms and paths that continue to support her in her own homecoming. She held a private psychotherapeutic practice in England for two decades, during which time she also graduated with an M.A. in Psychosynthesis psychotherapy. Alongside her former partner, Mark Josephs, she co-founded a movement called Social Alchemy and, for another two decades, offered diverse programmes in Europe and the USA to help awaken our memory of our essential nature and innate knowing, while learning how to manage all that diverts us from remembering so that we can thrive in intimacy with others and our surroundings. She is a practitioner and teacher of an ancient women’s tantric dance-meditation called ́Shiva Shakti, designed to awaken and embody the different faces of the feminine and return us to our ecstatic, essential nature. Her love for dance, music and theatre has not only inspired her throughout her personal development but has become the foundation of all the different aspects of her ‘work’. Nine years ago, she returned to Spain after 30 years in Devon UK, where a great deal of this work originated. She has now created a centre called La casa del Arte ~ a place to embody and remember who we really are. In collaboration with others, she creates events to prepare us for this shift. About the

Awakening Woman series of weekends she says:
“I feel moved to take back to the UK all the gold I’ve gathered along the way. I want to empower women and help them feel the ease and clarity that comes when we begin to take charge of our feminine and masculine energies and manage the distorted conditioning that runs deep within us.”

For more information about Elisabeth's offerings and other resources visit her website: http://feminineecstasy.com/For more information about Elisabeth's offerings and other resources visit her website: https://authenticecstasy.com/