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Shiva Shakti


Learn in the privacy of your home to discover this dance, meditation, movement that leads us to feel ourselves from the inside out.
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Shiva Shakti Dance Meditation, Awakening The Deep Feminine Within

The ancient Shiva Shakti-meditation opens us to the deep sacred feminine, so repressed in our women's bodies, that it is now calling to us more strongly than ever. When we dance with enough inner focus, the wisdom of the universe opens to us.

"Our Feminine Divinity is revealed."

The dance challenges the roots of Western Consciousness, it opens us, and melts our hardened, numbed, desensitized bodies that carry the cellular memory of having been dishonoured and used and abused so long.

Through the Shiva Shakti dance we enter Harmony with our innate feminine wisdom, and rediscover our deep interconnectedness; with the plants, with the animals, with the seasons, and with each other.

We rediscover Woman's greatest gift ~ her capacity to feel as deeply as creation itself.