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Giving the Gift

Preparing to engage your gift in accompanying other’s as they enter intimacy with their own Feminine Awakening. Dates coming shortly
IMPORTANT NOTICE: To participate in this course it is necessary to have completed “The Awakening Women” journey. 


Giving the Gift is made up of four intimate, five-day intensive modules, and one weekend module. These days are carefully designed to support you as a woman in exploring how to share your gift in the world.

Giving the Gift will open you, first of all, to recognize your gift - and then to recognize the obstacles you put on your own path.

Giving the Gift explores how to develop the internal and external strengths we need in order to stand within the deep wisdom our soul has to offer, with tenderness and confidence, and be able to give what we are here to give.

We are going to enjoy four intimate weekends together, carefully designed to support you to recognise and share your gifts, that you were always meant to share, into this world

Through our gift and our creative process we learn to facilitate spaces, to interact from freedom, and to communicate from our feminine - at the same time appreciating the unique style of each woman. Each woman will develop her own approach.

This could be:

  • Supporting women in opening up to the different archetypes within them, or to other aspects of
     the challenging journey of being a woman
  • Developing skills you already have, to bring them professionally to other women
  • Expanding any other trainings you may have  and support others to grow through your intimacy
       with your own feminine nature.
  • Teaching the Shiva Shakti dance meditation
  • Discovering how you want to share your gift, which may be outside the scope of personal growth-
     work, undertaking an adventure towards what you have always dreamed, but you have dreaded to
     woman fest.

The four main approaches are:

  • Discovering your gift, and integrating it into your being
  • Developing facilitation techniques
  • Understanding how to support individuals by gaining context / appreciation of the development of the will and the evolution of consciousness
  • Preparing yourself personally to be able to stay in your centre and navigate the challenges of
     standing in front of the world

We will keep in touch throughout the whole of Giving the Gift.

There will also be tasks to practice, and continuous supervision.

Dates coming shortly
autumn/winter 2023/2024


Various destination may be applicable for this course including La Casa del Arte, Caldes d'Estrac. Barcelona, Spain.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: An interview with me is necessary to reserve your place. Enter your data in this form and I will contact you very soon.

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