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Giving the Gift


Preparing to engage your gift in accompanying other’s as they enter intimacy with their own Feminine Awakening.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: To participate in this course it is necessary to have completed “The Awakening Women” journey. 


Taking Your Journey to the Next Level! A training with a soul Beloved Sister Women,
I am in the process of carving spaces for this next chapter of Giving the Gift.

I feel the closeness at a distance and the I honour that has been to traversed profound depths alongside me. Your commitment to self-discovery and growth has been inspirational to me, and i feel moved to take a next step for those who feel the calling.

Our forthcoming adventure "Giving the Gift," is a voyage crafted to unlock consciousness and realisation, tapping into your unique gifts, overcoming internal beliefs, and evolving into deliberate creators of your reality. This opportunity invites you to delve deeper, to witness the entirety of the woman you've become, and to choose consciously which parts of yourself you wish to preserve or release. It's about embodying your true nature swiftly, equipped with the keys to step into the world with newfound awareness from our journey in awakening woman.

This journey aims to elevate your understanding of personal development, preparing you both personally and professionally to confidently navigate the challenges of stepping into the world as you are ready to show up and ready to shine in what you came here to give.

Let's glimpse into the "Giving the Gift" Journey:
Recognising Your Gift: Begins by acknowledging your gifts, unearthed from past wounds and the exhaustion that follows growth. This is a process of becoming who we truly are, with less susceptibility to forgetting, and more keys to reignite the throne where we once sat on our journey of awakening woman, and know the steps to dare to walk it, outside a ritual private space.

Strength and Confidence: The modules of "Giving the Gift" are carefully crafted to nurture both internal and external strengths. They empower you to embody the profound wisdom of your soul with skill, tenderness and confidence.
Facilitating Spaces: Learn the art of creating spaces, interacting freely, and communicating from your unique perspective, appreciating the individuality of each woman. Your approach will be personal and diverse, serving through existing skills and pursuing personal dreams with simplicity, clarity, and passion. Included in that process will be the learning of how to teach the dance and impart the transmission of the deep feminine, that the world is calling for again.....

Main Approaches: We'll explore through performing arts, role-playing, and deep learning of maps and models, aiding in recognising the journey of the soul and identifying your position for personal or collective expansion.

Dates and Venue:

As I finalise the details for all the courses for 2024, including the upcoming "Awakening Women" session at La Casa del Are, more on that later, as I may be looking for new women who want to assist me in this WIJ which will be in English.

So looking at the structure the "Giving the Gift" Here's a glimpse of the proposed schedule, subject adjustments:
• 27th November to 1st of December (2024)
• 8th/9th of February (20259 ONLINE WEEKEND
• 16th to 20th of April (2025)
• 22nd to 26th of June (2025)Concluding our journey and the giving of the certificates to be a facilitator.

Cost: 690 € for each period of five days, including accommodation, Organic food, course material and tuition.

Total cost of the training, 2.070€ ( this is a live investment, that will change the course of your life in a profound way, so do not let finances get on the way. Feel free to have further conversations with me if need be, as to how to finance it.

Please note that these days will be Five full days.This course is about delving into your innate potential, unlocking the gifts within, and sharing them with the world.

Together, we'll explore the depths of your abilities and cultivate the confidence to embrace your unique path.
I feel eager to to embark on this journey of self-discovery and empowerment with each one of you. Over these last years the course has
evolved and I've been integrating new aspects that were not included in the past, I feel happy to say his next one is my most updated version, it holds fresh learning not included before, to takes us to the next expansion that this world is calling for to those who choose the path of consciousness and transformation.

With heartfelt anticipation,Taking Your Journey to the Next Level!

IMPORTANT NOTICE: An interview with me is necessary to reserve your place. Enter your data in this form and I will contact you very soon.

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