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Awakening Woman


Embrace Your Divine Feminine Potential: A Journey of

Dear Women of Strength and Resilience, We invite you to embark on a life-transforming journey that will connect you with the extraordinary woman within.

This course is your personal invitation to discover your inner dancer, singer, erotic being, and intuitive soul. It’s a passage to your wildest dreams, and we’ll be your guides through this intimate odyssey.


Life's swirling chaos beckons—an intimate call to embark on a profound pilgrimage, a sacred expedition to rediscover the divine feminine dwelling within each of us.This is no mere course; it's a soul-stirring odyssey spanning from September 2024 to March 2026—a transformative journey poised to redefine our kinship with ourselves, our sisterhood, and the world.

This journey is also the foundation for a training that you may want to embark where you become a qualified facilitator, receiving a 2 diplomas at the end of it. It aims to equip you and elevate your understanding of personal development, preparing you both personally and professionally to confidently navigate the challenges of stepping into the world as you are ready to show up and ready to shine in what you came here to give.

Journey Details:
From the tender embrace of Being to the retreat cradled in the enchanting Casa del Arte: Each gathering holds the promise of unraveling facets of our feminine essence. This isn’t mere exploration; it’s a reclamation of our innate power and boundless creativity as women.

Weekends of Revelation:

Course Overview:
Module 1: Intimacy with Being

Unveil your true self.
• Embrace the authentic you hidden behind the curtain of life's demands. some of the aspect you’ll learn:
• Reclaiming the being in your body
• Learning to move stuck energy
• Deep acceptance and compassion
• Finding the the True you
• The art of self Love.
• Accessing the inner calm of connection
• Loving being in the mystery.

Module 2: Mother Archetype

• Explore the nurturing and caring side of your inner mother.
• Learn to hold and care for your inherited pain body 'Core Wound' that holds you back from your potential.
• Knowing, understanding, learning from the family system program
• Learning to how to navigate our learn behaviour patterns and mental scrips that no longer serve us
• Living with an open heart for your self first, then opening our heart to others effortlessly follows...
• Discovering the sense of belonging, safety and confidence in your body

Module 3: Warrior Archetype

• Embrace your inner warrior.
• Harness your personal power and set boundaries with love.
• Discovering your source of energy and power
• Freeing yourself from the grip of old resentments
• Unlocking your will and seeing the possibilities that are awaiting dormant
• Meeting the creator within
• Loosing the grip of the ego, vs soul desires,
• Cultivating a momentum that serves you
• Experience your Nobility vs the arrogance of the insecure ego.

Module 4: Lover Archetype
Dive into your inner lover. Reclaim your capacity for intimacy and erotic presence.

• Discover the inner lover and you magnetising irradiating power, vs the needing hungry child in you
• Meeting self defeating habits and addictions that separate you from what you long for
• Feeling beneath the tabu of pleasure
• Finding the sensuality in your everyday life
• Letting the beauty you are be felt and seen in your life

• Module 5: Shamana Archetype • Connect with your inner shamana.
Reawaken the spirituality of the divine feminine., truly work with the energies of transformation and regain you innate knowing.
• Reconnect with your capacity to meet the great mystery with our intermediaries
• Learn to read fields of energy,
• Create your now rituals and magic
• Trusting in your inner knowing and intuition
• Embracing the dark and the light within and without
• Connect with your own guides
• Learn to surrender vs giving up

Module 6: Whole Woman Archetype
Embody the fullness of your womanhood. Integrate all archetypes and embrace your authentic self.
• Become the co-creator of your reality
• Feel that you have always been in your queendom
• Learn to seat in your throne whatever is going on
• Become a becan of inspiration
• Walking with the women that you knew you were

Module 7: This weekend its a bridge and a preparation for the Initiations
Retreat, this is where we step into a new realm that you’ve never been before. and nothing i can say about it, can give you an idea or prepare you for it.

Final Retreat • Synthesise your transformative journey.
Learn how to apply your newfound wisdom in your everyday life. The retreat marks a pivotal moment—a sacred space for individual initiation and emergence, where we witness transformative journeys alongside our sisters.

Embracing the Masculine:
Though this journey focuses on the feminine, there's an intention to honor the masculine that lay in distortion within us, the rebalancing of this two poles within you, will become the living force for all your relationships and projects ahead.

This foundation paves the way for the deeply personal metamorphosis.

Weekends of Unveiling:
Through movement, voice, potent dynamics, sculpturing, writing, wilderness and ritual will assist us in opening petal by petal what has been missing in your lives and the understanding how our fore mothers could not pass down to us the sanctuary that leaves inside every woman. Together will create-a canvas for recovering to our authentically nurturing our wounds, embracing empowerment, reclaiming intimacy, rekindling spirituality, and consciously living.

SUPPORT Nurturing our unity.
Assistants: During the journey we will be assisted by three women who completed the journey two years ago, and want to continue to deepen their training. more on them later.

Buddying: There will be a monthly ‘buddying’ arrangement, to help each woman feel connected and supported, and stay on the pulse of her own enquiry.

WhatsApp group: or email Forum: We will also be connecting by e-mail. This will be a forum to share anything at anytime.
Conference Calls: There will also be a one or two hours conference call between weekends (days/times to be confirmed) via Zoom

Intimacy with Being: September 20th to 22nd, 2024
Mother Archetype: November 22nd to 24th, 2024
Warrior Archetype: February 21st to 23rd, 2025
Lover Archetype: May 23rd to 25th, 2025
Shamana Archetype: September 19th to 21st, 2025
Whole Woman Archetype: November 21st to 23rd, 2025
Integration: January 30th to February 1st, 2026

Final retreat: March 16th to 22nd, 2026

• Venue: En la casa del Arte, a place of outstanding beauty with breath taking views over the Mediterranean sea and a 30min from Barcelona.
• Cost: Cost per 3 full days Weekend Meeting: 600€ this includes
accommodation and food, not your flights.

Cost of the Final 8-Day Retreat: 1.600€
Deposit: registration €300

Registration: Secure your spot by paying the full deposit amount. The deposit will be deducted from the total cost of the program, Join us on this empowering journey to rediscover your true self and unlock the potential that lies within you.
It's time to embrace your inner warrior, lover, mother, and shamana, and become the whole woman you were meant to be. Your transformation begins here.

Join Us on this Intimate Voyage:

This journey is a call to honor ourselves unapologetically, allowing us to honor each other authentically. Join us as we rediscover our divine feminine potential, redefining our existence and healing ourselves and the world.
You are the catalyst for this awakening.

The time is now. Together, let's awaken the dormant mountains.

your inner warrior, lover, and intuitive seer its who you are, beneath the wrappings and trappings of forgetting.

Register, or get in touch with us if you like to know more,

Welcoming you to take the first step toward the woman you were always destined to become.
Together, let's awaken the dormant mountains within and without.
With love, anticipation, and the whisper of sisterhood.


*Flexible Rates at Authentic Ecstasy*
At Authentic Ecstasy, we deeply value making our transformative services accessible to everyone, understanding that each person's financial situation is unique.
We believe in a flexible approach to pricing, tailored to meet your specific needs. We encourage open discussions to determine a mutually meaningful investment for the transformative journey ahead. Your satisfaction and the value derived from our interactions are our main priorities.
This adaptable approach allows us to work with individuals from diverse financial backgrounds. Your investment in our transformative work not only supports our efforts but also enables us to extend assistance to individuals and groups with varying financial capacities.
We look forward to discussing and tailoring a transformative journey that resonates with you. 
Authentic Feminine Ecstasy
Elisabeth Serra
M: +34 662 353 050
IMPORTANT NOTICE: An interview with me is necessary to reserve your place. Enter your data in this form and I will contact you very soon.

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