Archetypal nature of the Elements
Archetypal nature of the Elements
Archetypal nature of the Elements
Archetypal nature of the Elements

The Mother

This is the territory of she who conceives life, who gives birth, who nourishes, and she who gives death.

Deeply rooted and connected to the earth, her breasts are full of nourishment. Her arms are strong and can hold both you and the child in you.


The archetypal Mother in us, sustains life ~

And when it is time for something to move on she is willing to give death:

whether the thing is an old pattern, a relationship, a pet, or something else.

Notice the energy in your body as you invoke this energy.

If you encounter any resistance just notice… meet it with attention; nothing to do, nothing to get rid of.

The Mother in us knows that all is sacred and that there is nothing to change or discard.

She knows about waiting, she knows how to be in the void of the womb ~

the place between here and there.

She is both the womb and the tomb.

The Warrior

It is the Warrior in us who stands up for truth; she serves the highest good, she serves love.

She can be very fierce, especially with her behaviour for those she loves on behalf of the little girl within.

She draws the boundaries; she knows how to say yes and how to say no, and she knows which is appropriate.


It is the Warrior in you that can carry a plan through.

She can keep her commitments – even the tiny ones – as she knows they serve the bigger commitments.

All of it is important.

She chooses her battles and meets her opponents with integrity; by connecting to source, she meets them in a deeply rooted place.

She can meet her anger and rage, feel it fully down to its core, and still act from this rooted place.

Can you feel her strength, her determination, her willingness to serve truth, and her willingness to know what truth is no matter what?

Can you feel her will to protect the vulnerability of the little girl?

The Warrior part of us is willing to face her fear, and her terror.

She has courage, which is not to be fearless, but to feel the fear and bring herself through.

The Lover

The Lover is she who loves to play, to dance and to make a mess.

She is sensual, and she is sexual; she is totally shameless.

She loves the Earth, loves her body, music, art, making things and being creative.

She is juicy; she loves to laugh, to move her body, to touch and to be touched.


The archetypal Lover in us, is willing to surrender to her heart. She knows the depth of her pain and the depth of her ecstasy.

She is committed to compassion ~

The willingness to feel, herself, and other’s, though she does not take on the other’s pain.

She is willing to feel a whole range of emotion, and she honours her body’s needs.

The Lover in us longs for deep communion with another, be it nature, animal or another person.

It is the passion of the Lover that guides the spiritual journey, and it is her longing that leads the way.

It is also the Lover in us who loves earrings, fancy clothes, velvety things… and she who loves beauty in all things ~ she sees it everywhere. She loves her space to be beautiful.

And she is willing to see her own beauty.

The Shamana

This is the territory of ritual, healing and the transformation of magic.

Where we interact with the divine or other dimensions of being.

The Shamana is the priestess; she moves between worlds, receives guidance and prays for herself or for others.


She has learned to work with the energies of transformation for herself ~ and it may be that she shares this with others.

She is open to the mysteries of death and life.

She loves the unknown and she knows how to meet it ~ not with fear but with excitement, as the meeting with the unknown is a meeting with the divine.

She knows she is safe, and she has trust in her connection.

The archetypal Shamana within us, is very intuitive. She asks for guidance and follows the guidance she gets, even if it’s crazy.

Her alignment is with the divine, even if it jars with convention or with what other people think; she is willing to look crazy, she walks the edge.

She is not afraid to tell the truth, even if it opposes everyone else.

She sees beyond appearances and she is willing to be led by Source; she knows how to surrender and let things fall apart, open, and ready for a deeper reality to come through.

She is deeply connected and devoted to Source, however she names it ~ this is where she finds her sense of service.

Her awareness is tuned to divine presence and she knows how to connect with that presence ~ maybe in ritual, maybe in shrines or as altars around her house, maybe she uses some shells or a candle, or has a garden with a fountain.

Maybe just with a deep breath.

The Shamana is a natural instinctive part of us, and she no longer has to hide or fear this. And she is willing to make a stand if questioned.

She is deeply connected with the wise old woman that has always been, she knows how to connect to the river of wisdom and receive guidance.

We are cosmic frequencies, it takes knowing the archetypal nature of the elements, to embody and ground who we really are into our life experiences


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