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Soul Readings Sessions


Soul Reading sessions are intimate moments in which I hold a safe space to help you hear the Deep Voice within you – the voice that holds the keys to the next step in your own unique evolution.

I ask for a contribution of 100€


Sometimes it´s easier for someone else to download the guidance that our Higher Self wants us to hear. We are often swamped by the voices of fear and conditioning, which drown out the sound of our true voice.

In this space you will be receiving your own deepest voice - a voice that holds no judgements, filled with clarity and compassion for you, and for the path you have already walked.´ I connect on your behalf, and distill the messages that are coming through for your ears only. Afterwards I never remember what has been said through me. I begin each session by asking your permission to read into your unique magnificence. Once consent is given, we will close our eyes and open to receiving whatever guidance is being offered.

There will also be time for you to ask questions, or to focus on a specific aspect of your life. After the reading there will be time to unpack some of what has been heard, and the impact it has had on you.

Carmella B’Hahn

Elisabeth has an unusual ability to ‘laser in’ on what’s calling for attention in both body and psyche. I find her refreshingly candid in the way she communicates about what she is being shown and encourage others to dive in to the adventure of a reading with her.

Emma Samson

Thank you Elisabeth for your reading- I feel that it has allowed something to settle and surrender in me to who I am and where I’m going. It has allowed the stories of doubt and confusion of the mind to be soothed so I can step forward in full trust again. You showed me what I knew but couldn’t see. Your presence and way are assuring, compassionate and affirming. Thank you for sharing your gift!