I’m 54 years old. I was born in Barcelona and I live between the Costa Brava and Devon (England). Married, I have two children. I have a master’s degree in Psychosynthesis. A policy that unites and not that separates is necessary. I have had many beliefs and what I have left is experience, that is my guide.

Interviewer: INMA SANCHÍS on 17/10/2012(La Contra de La Vanguardia, spanish newspaper)

The shaman

Her own search for meaning led her down various paths, from the more formal studies in psychotherapy to spending ten years in India as a student of various teachers. He understood that the problem was the way of looking: “All our education is focused only on the external. I deeply honour men, but not patriarchy: a way of interpreting our existence. We must learn to think viscerally and carry our thoughts to the heart. We are all nurturing when we open ourselves to the feminine, but we must start ourselves. ” She works as a shaman working with groups of women. On October 26 he will give a talk in Barcelona (alchemysocial.com).


What happens to us women?

That we have lost our true power. For millennia we have followed the model of submission.

That already happened.

We are in the cultural, economic and political world, but imitating and acting from the recognized power, which is the immature male.

Define me immature male.

In his need to dominate and control, a consequence of the fear that arises from the disconnection of his feminine -which is the earth, the intuitive, the emotional body, the deep, the sacred …-, has despised the connection with feelings and emotions. Men fear women because they fear their own feminine.

Now many men are tender and take care of their home.

The modern age discredits the male. The woman has become masculinized and the man has become feminized, but their role model is that of the tender child, not that of the man who cares.

No one is in your place?

We have not experienced the true masculine and feminine archetype in maturity for millennia. The suffering we are experiencing (economic, ecological, political, social crisis …) is due to the relational impossibility between the feminine and the masculine.

Tell me about that mature female.

Authentic feminine power is achieved through the reconnection and awakening of the uterus. In ancient traditions, women knew that their womb was their creative power centre at all levels.

Where does that disconnect place us?

We act in fear, and we are unaware of our true erotic and sensual power. If you are not anchored, you are like a kite adrift, and that leaves us in a situation of submission or rebellion against immature male power. By not being rooted, we feel insecure and maintain the false belief that we need to belong to a man to see in him the reflection of the love that we are.

We want to be loved, of course.

At what cost? …, silencing the emotions. Patriarchal culture has discredited female power. Menstruation has been seen as something impure that women themselves hide, when in reality it is the blood of life, it is not related to disease or death. Through this cyclical process -preovulation, ovulation, premenstruation and menstruation- the authentic female archetypes are accessed.

What is it about?

The female cycle is equivalent to the four seasons, which are the process of death and resurrection. There can be no creation without death. If women enter into the innate wisdom of our bodies, we would know that during premenstruation and menstruation we free ourselves from our shadows, allowing us to create from a new perspective. It is like a physical and mental detox.

And what about women who do not have a uterus or are in menopause?

During the fertile years we women live in a stage of learning about our power. When we reach menopause we are that power: the wise woman, the witch.

Who is feared and withdraws.

As women we are conditioned to fear showing our true potential (often unconsciously) so as not to hurt the man and that he will abandon or assault us. And physically we submit to a cruelty of beauty (aesthetic operations and others) to appear eternal youth, a false imitation of true beauty.

What is that true beauty?

The force of love is what a woman radiates when she is connected with the heartbeat of her uterus and that, regardless of age, makes her remain juicy and sensual.

Juicy and without a man by the side?

Without a man next to us, we already are, even if we have husbands, boyfriends and lovers. Recovering feminine power is the key to get out of collective isolation.

What power are you talking about?

Of love well understood: intuitive, erotic, tender and fierce, through which man can see himself reflected and regain his dignity and presence; Only from there can the truly creative and alchemical bridge between the two be established.

That fierce love thing sounds aggressive. He tells the truths, which challenges immature masculinity as a result of fear of his own feminine. Tha fear, which disconnects them from emotions and leaves them in the world of ideas, strips them of their dignity and fills them with shame and guilt for using a power that is not at the service of life.

How to connect with our womb?

By paying attention to those parts (uterus and vagina) abandoned to science and man, we enter into a wonderful adventure of awakening to what we already sensed.

But what is the way?

For me, the fastest way is through a dance that connects us to the spiral and cyclical movement of the universe, and that allows us to connect with ourselves and to possess the necessary wisdom in each moment. The observation of our cyclical process allows us to awaken the feminine archetypes and heal the wound and mistrust between us inherited from patriarchy.

It is that which men fear so much, that necessary feminine fury that.


Original source: https://www.lavanguardia.com/lacontra/20121017/54352640056/la-contra-elisabeth-josephs-serra.html